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Can I make more than one reservation at a time?

You can't book more than one car in the same booking process, as each vehicle has its own rental agreement. The reservations will have to be made under different names. As long as you book each car separately, you can reserve all the vehicles you want at the same time.

How and when is the payment made?
Can I modify my reservation?
How long does it take to confirm a reservation?
I haven't received confirmation of my reservation, what should I do?
Can I return the car to another headquarters?
What documents should I present to the car pick-up center?
How and when is the payment made?
How do you deliver and return your car?
Is there a territorial limit for the rented car?
Why could I be refused renting a car?
Why do I have to pay a deposit at the time of renting the car?
How much does the extra equipment cost?
What happens if I can not return the rented car on time?
Do I have to make the car full, before returning?
What kind of insurance comes with the car?
What are the damage covered by car insurance?
Protection of personal data